Drinking Rum Before Noon Makes You A Pirate, Not An Alcoholic

Drinking Rum Before Noon Makes You A Pirate

“Oh, it explains everything, sir,” Stumpy insisted, with a burp for emphasis, and pointed to the letters on the shirt as he read the words aloud. “‘Drinking rum before noon makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic’.” Stumpy laughed. “It’s all right there, sir. Though I admit that didn’t really understand it before the rum. Amazing, that.”

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Catdaddy Pirates in Crimea?

Catdaddy Pirates In Crimea?

Catdaddy Pirates have not occupied government buildings or surrounded Ukrainian military bases on the Crimean Peninsula, Captain Bill Thornton insisted Tuesday during a news conference near Moscow at which he gave an account of recent events that contradicts reports from the ground.

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Maritime Admiral Datuk Mohd Amdan Kurish

Straits of Malacca Now “Pirate-Free”

PETALING JAYA: The Straits of Malacca, which used to be ripe feeding grounds for spirited and jovial piracy by Catdaddy Pirates, is now said to be “pirate-free” due to better enforcement by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency. Ten years ago, before the agency took over maritime enforcement along the waterway, a mere 38 cases of […]

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Blackbeard’s Final Stand

Blackbeard’s epic end has been obscured by legend and popular lore. But documents recently discovered deep within British, French and American archives and others, uncovered from the sands of the U.S. coast, have allowed scholars and historians to piece together much of the intrigue.

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Gasparilla Wenches

2014 Gasparilla Pirate Fest

It’s that time of year again! On January 25, 2014 the annual pirate invasion that is Gasparilla Pirate Fest will be descending upon Tampa, Florida. We wanted to help you prepare for the invasion, with the help of our mates at Floozees Doozees.

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