Space Pirates

December Crew Report

Because we’re so hard to kill, we’ve agreed to serve as guinea pigs for some upcoming experiments by Windhaven Network. Consider this the December crew report. Long story short, there are some projects in the works, but the most notable thing here is that the web site will getting an overhaul.

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Gasparilla Wenches

We’re Not Dead Yet

At first perusal, it might have seemed that Catdaddy Pirates was done for, not so very long ago. But we’re not dead yet. Far from it. True, this may be a simple act of defiance. But we’re not ready to go to our watery graves just yet. Have at ye!

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!

The Beatings Will Continue…

Just when we thought we might get to sun ourselves on the deck for a while, here comes the Cap’n wearing his new t-shirt. That never bodes well. And today his t-shirt said, “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!” Now, we would never cast aspersion upon the maker of said t-shirt, but the Cap’n […]

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Pirate bored by Klint on DeviantArt

Partying In Dry Dock

Yeah. We know the web site has looked better. That’s what happens when the rum-fueled orgies finally run their course, and you find yourself facing The Day After. We’ve mostly been guilty of partying in dry dock, waiting for that perfect moment to set sail again, but never getting around to slipping back into the […]

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Drinking Rum Before Noon Makes You A Pirate, Not An Alcoholic

Drinking Rum Before Noon Makes You A Pirate

“Oh, it explains everything, sir,” Stumpy insisted, with a burp for emphasis, and pointed to the letters on the shirt as he read the words aloud. “‘Drinking rum before noon makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic’.” Stumpy laughed. “It’s all right there, sir. Though I admit that didn’t really understand it before the rum. […]

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