Because we’re so hard to kill, we’ve agreed to serve as guinea pigs for some upcoming experiments by Windhaven Network. Consider this the December crew report. Long story short, there are some projects in the works, but the most notable thing here is that the web site will getting an overhaul. We’ll be testing out new capabilities, and stress-testing various designs and concepts. Eventually, our dark depths projects will see the light of day. But until then, we won’t be talking about any of ’em. These are on a need-to-know basis. If you’re still keen on Catdaddy Pirates, you’ll be surprised by what we’re working on, but it could literally be years before these are bubbling up into the public consciousness. Yeah, we know. This is all cryptic as hell. Mostly, we’re just plucking one of the threads of the web. Sometimes you have to make a few ripples just to prove you still can.